//Moving forwards… set up a Linkedin account it’s free

Moving forwards… set up a Linkedin account it’s free

LinkedIn is a free resource make it work for you.

A few thoughts for you to bear in mind when getting to grips with LinkedIn

  1. Spend time on getting your headline and profile right and remember to keep it up to date.
  2. Look at other peoples photographs, before you load your own. Do they look professional? Make sure your photo aligns with you/what you are seeking moving forwards.
  3. Your experience. Fill it in. Condense what you have on your CV.
  4. A background photo, makes you standout.  Be different.
  5. Write a good summary with personality. Try to cover the “Why” “What” “Where”
  6. Personalise your LinkedIn profile URL and use it on your email, CV, business cards etc.
  7. Add as many sections as you can to your profile eg volunteering
  8. Always personalise invitations to connect.
  9. Publish Interesting Posts, your own or share others. Pictures and video’s speak louder than words.
  10. Join Groups.
  11. Take advantage of the tools, you can add notes (that only you can see).
  12. Build relationships, start by liking and where relevant sharing their posts.
  13. Always remain professional.
  14. Ask for recommendations and give others recommendations.
  15. Make sure you review what you have said, view on different devices and ask friends for feedback.

Your checklist:

Do you stand out.
Have you said/shown what you can do?
Have you included your Unique Selling Point, things that are special about you/your offer

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