1. You can sleep in if you want

Being your own boss is quite beneficial in many ways, and one of the best perks of entrepreneurship is that you can snooze longer than those caught in the hamster wheel. Remove the tyranny of the alarm clock some days. Just don’t do it all the time.

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2. You can manage your hours

There’s an almost self-fulfilling myth when it comes to entrepreneurs – that we work day and night, seven days a week. While working many hours used to be a status symbol and a route to promotion, the attitude towards work has changed. Real status is managing your own time.

You will have to spend nights doing your accounts, but you can also meet a friend for lunch if you feel like it. And think of all the hours you save by not commuting every morning.

3. You can actually work less hours than in a “real” job if you play it right

With smart, digital solutions and efficient processes, you may not have to work 60-hour weeks after the initial start-up phase. You can choose to eliminate meaningless meetings, endless lunch conversations and expensive conferences. Do what you need to do and go home to your family. Your mind works better if you let it rest. Check out the 10 activities you need to ease into your business timetable – http://bit.ly/2KFAcZ2

4. You don’t have to work with idiots

You know who they are − psychopathic bosses, burnt-out middle-managers and ridiculous diktats from HQ. We have all worked with energy-draining people we wouldn’t invite to dinner if our lives depended on it. So don’t. Work with people you like.

5. People think you’re a brave, if slightly bonkers risk-taking kind of person

Being an entrepreneur has gone from something weird and difficult to grasp, to be seen as voting for a different type of lifestyle. You and your business can benefit from that idea, especially when it comes to getting press coverage for your business.

The local media loves entrepreneurs these days as they are seen as bringing wealth and interest to the area.

6. Build your own business culture

Yes! Cross reference working with idiots. In a corporate environment you sometimes end up doing things you don’t agree with, things that don’t sit well with your values. When you run your own enterprise you can be totally value driven. And of course anyone you employ has to live under your rules.

7. You might become rich.

Entrepreneurship may mean that you have to struggle on minimum wage for many years but building a successful company from scratch can actually get you rich in a way that a salary rarely offers.

8. Become an expert

It doesn’t matter if you’re a florist, consultant, social media strategist or fancy cake baker – if you run your own show, you can build your own brand as a true industry expert. You choose what kind of skills you wish to invest your time and money in, and once you’re established, you have the potential of becoming a media star, commentator as well as lecturer for hire.

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