6 reasons why you need to cosy up to your local media 

Your company image 

Good media coverage isn’t simply about the promotion of special events, products or your mission. It also:  

takes your organisation to the next level in terms of its profile, shines light on it and creates an ‘image’ about your company . 


Publicity helps your credibility because if your organisation or business is mentioned in a respected media outlet that targets your ideal clients, it will have a much greater impact on your reputation than an advertisement in the same environment. This is because it is far more credible to people when an independent third party says good things about your business than if you say it about yourself. 

​ In factresearch shows that   media coverage actually offers seven times more credibility among people than paid advertising!   

Reputation as an expert 

If you or your organisation is regularly quoted in the papers,or heard on the radio then the natural assumption people will make is that you are an expert in your field. The media always needs experienced people to comment in print, on the radio or on camera. Case studies are the lifeblood of newspaper and magazine features, so if you can position yourself as an expert in your field and are willing to be quoted in features and on TV, it’s a great way to get publicity. The TV industry needs engaging and passionate experts because they bring authority and credibility to existing programmes.   

Strategic relationships 

When you are cited in the media, other organisations will want to engage with you and your organisation.​ Publicity shows that you are out there and that you’re ready to interact on topics you are an expert in.  

5Customer reach  

 Media coverage is so important because it 

Helps to target and expose your business, or not for profit organisation, to the right market or funders​. 

Often provides more of an opportunity for a fuller explanation of the products or services you offer .


Paid advertisements are costly and not always successful; media publicity could drive lots of people to your products or services. Apart from the time to create content and send it to your media contacts, publicity costs are virtually free.