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Third sector organisations and other types of organisation with shared values

We are passionate about “enterprise” seeing it as a mechanism to enable mature unemployed individuals gain some economic freedom, a second career or an opportunity to “give back”.

We see that entrepreneurial activity is a missing ingredient in many small charities and community funded groups and that this is a way to both help ensure their financial longevity and to raise skill levels in that sector.

You can work with us to help make a positive impact on society and the local and wider economy.

Below some of the organisations we have worked with recently. How can we support your cause?

Please get in touch email us at  sam@chapter3academy.com

Many mature people enjoy volunteering and Beanstalk is happy to provide training to volunteers to help young readers. At Chapter3 we are keen to make people aware of their options and if this type of volunteering is for them we supply them with the relevant information to contact Beanstalk. Below reading helper comments:

  • You don’t lose the enjoyment and satisfaction by Karen Clarke
  • Seeing the change in the children is so rewarding by Robin Lustig


Leeds University is proud of its business school. Chapter3 supported its recent Good Business Fair.

We talked about social enterprises. Our experience  of setting up Chapter3 Community Interest Companies.

The tears, fun and success!

Chapter3 supported the Age of no retirement event,  facilitating  ‘co-design labs’ to  help feed into and  create a new future where age does not matter. We worked with like minded people to identify and solve intergenerational challenges. Lots of fun and an opportunity to input our insight, experience, creativity and wisdom.anor.aspx

The Centre for Economic and Social Inclusion, known as Inclusion, was a research organisation that existed to promote social inclusion in the labour market. It was a not for profit, politically independent organisation based in London. All its surpluses were invested back into developing its products and its employees.  Chapter3 chaired their annual conference in 2015, having a keen interest in the social matters around mature people. 

Local businesses, recruiters and HR managers  from across the Humber region came together in 2015 to discuss and look at solutions to make sure the Humber addresses an inevitable skills gap. We shared information and looked for solutions on how to retain, retrain and recruit the over-50s. The conference was developed, managed and facilitated by Chapter3 in partnership with Humber LEP and Hull DWP.Humber lep

At Chapter3 we are fully aware of the fears and euphoria that exiting a public service career can bring. In support of PCS and it’s members Chapter3 ran a Choices, planning the next steps workshops  for local members nearing retirement or likely to be involved in early exit schemes